- How do i set up my console ?

Ensure the micro SD card is fully pushed in the console and has not come loose in transit

1/ Connect your control pads to the relevant ports on the console
2/ Connect the HDMI lead to the relevant port on the console
3/ Connect the HDMI lead to your TV's HDMI port and put on the correct source
4/ Plug your device in and plug into the console
5/ You will now see the console on your TV - happy gaming

*As with all electrons make sure you unplug the device when not in use*

- There is a screen asking me to configure my control pads, how do i do this ?

Press the button on your pad that it is asking you to, for buttons not on your pad you can skip by holding down any button for 5 seconds, the last one will ask for your hotkey use select for this

- There is nothing showing on my TV after connecting the console ?

Insert the HDMI cable into your TV and console and put on the correct source on your TV before you power on the console , this should resolve this

-  My control pads will not work in certain games.

Some games may need a usb keyboard to operate such as games from keyboard consoles.

- How do i add more games to my console ?

See here: Adding more games to your console

- How do i exit games and return to the main menu ?

Pressing start and select on your control pad at the same will exit the game and return to the main menu

- How do i set up my Bluetooth PS3 control pad

See here : Setting up your PS3 Bluetooth Controller 

- Holding start and select together is not taking me back to the main menu or the buttons on the control pad do not seem to be configure correctly ?

You can reconfigure your control pad in the retropie setting from the main menu.  Press the buttons it is asking you to configure and skip the ones you do not have by holding down any button for 5 seconds , use select for the hotkey

- How do i use Kodi and set up wifi ?

You would need to use a Bluetooth or USB keyboard