How to save games and use commands

Save games on the retro gaming box

You can save games in different ways 

  • From the main screen, press START to access the MAIN MENU.

  • Select the second menu : GAME SETTINGS

  • From there, turn on the auto save/load option :

The auto save/load option allows you to auto save a savestate when you exit a game, then reload automatically this savestate when you restart this game.


Saves and commands 

When you are in the game, there are special commands available. Retro gaming box brings a very useful feature : save state. A saved state is a quick save of the game, and allows you to reload the game at this point.

With save states, you will never have to seek for a saved point again !

You can save more than one state per game if you change the save slot.

You can save a state with Hotkey + Y You can load a state with Hotkey + X

*The hotkey is set when configuring your control pads , if we have configured it then it it most probably set to select 

B - Special commands

Hotkey + Y → Save State
Hotkey + X → Load State
Hotkey + Up → Select Save Slot -1
Hotkey + Down → Select Save Slot +1

Hotkey + Start → End Game and Quit To Main Menu
Hotkey + A → Reset Game
Hotkey + B → Retroarch Menu
Hotkey + L1 → Screenshot

Hotkey + Right → Speedup game
Hotkey + Left → Rewind (if activated in options)

Hotkey + R2 → Next shader preset
Hotkey + L2 → Previous shader preset

In FBA and Mame, press Select to add a credit