How to add games to your console

These instructions are for pro versions of our consoles that have been built using recalbox.

Please ensure you check the laws in your country to ensure you are not breaking any copyright laws, we will not be held responsible for this.

You can find many game roms available online that you can download for free.

In order to add roms to your console you are going to have to be connected to the internet.

We recommend connecting an Ethernet cable from your router to the console, this will give the best speed and minimise the connection dropping.

If you need to connect to your wifi wait for the main home screen to load, press start to locate the main menu and click on network settings.

In network settings you can now select your rooter name and add your wifi password, when you press close it may take a few minutes to connect.

You will also see your consoles IP address , take note of this , it will be something similar to

Once you are connected type your consoles IP address into your web browser on your computer and you will be presented with the manager interface.

Now click on roms and click on the console of the rom you wish to add, you will now be able to upload your roms to the console

Now restart your console from the main menu and your new game should now be located in its console section.