- What games come on the Retro Gaming Box console ?

Currently we do not have a list of the games due to copyright , there are over 5500 of the most popular classic games pre loaded on our Retro Gaming Box and over 11,000 classic games on our Retro Gaming Box PRO, you can also add your own games by downloading the game rom for free from websites such as www.emuparadise.me and adding to the console, full support given.

- Can you save the game progress like the original games ?

Yes you can save games just like the originals.

- How do i save a game ?

If your game has a save feature, like the Save Stations in Super Metroid, then these are written to disk when you exit the emulator with Select+Start. If your game does not have a save feature, then you can save state with Select+R1 and load state with Select+L1. You can change save state slots with Select+Left or Select+Right on the D-Pad.

- How do i exit a game ?

To exit a game you press Start+Select.

- Do you need the internet to use the console ?

No the internet is not needed for the system to be used, however it can be connected to the WIFI is you wanted to add more classics.

- How do i connect the console to my TV ?

Your console connects to your TV via a HDMI lead.

- Can i connect my own control pads that i own ?

Yes you can use your own Bluetooth (ps3, ps4) or USB pads.

- Do you offer a refund if i am not completely happy ?

Yes we offer a full money back guarantee if you are not 100% happy, we hardly get anyone who asks for a refund as our consoles are the best retro consoles in the UK and 99.9% of customers are completely happy.

- Do you offer a warranty ?

Yes we offer a 12 month warranty if your console stops working for what ever reason.